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(more content soon including more exclusive chilling prequels)

Our first teaser trailer... welcome to the eerie

grounds of the house. A dark, forbidding place

filled with ghosts, creatures of the night and

other ghoulish horrors!

Our second trailer, with a specially created score by musician Stephen Collings-Haswell based on the works of legendary Hammer composer James Bernard, gives you your first glimpse at the mysterious Architect himself. More of Stephen's work can be found at Soundcloud

The first of our exclusive prequels gives you a haunting look at The Lady In Grey, as well as William Soloman, a man whose life has been forever changed by World War, and whose fate is linked with that of the legendary ghost the house.

Our second prequel presents the dark, sinister world of the mysterious Necromancers, beings who watch your every move every time you look into a mirror. You cannot see them, but they can surely see you... Fear the other side

The third chilling exclusive mini prequel unleashes our Vampyre

England, 1887. A small community has been subject to a string of horrific killings, all inflicted by "the deathly figure with the claws". As the killings increase, some of the villagers form a search party in an attempt to stop this creature...
but some

things should be left alone

Our final House of Screaming Death prequel!


Bray Manor is about to welcome smething new into its

walls, something evil. A deadly ritual, a willing sacrifice, this is how you awaken The Diabolique!

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