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The Witch In The Mirror

Director:  Rebecca Harris-Smith

Screenwriter:  Mark Lees

Starring:  Sarah Gain, Sha’ori Morris, Tony Gibbons, Tom Loone, Chris Lines, Cameron Moon, Kiah Reeves, Michelle Rachel Cox, Alex Doddy, Elizabeth Wakefield.

The second macabre tale takes us to the 1970s, where witchcraft has cursed the house, and those within.


When Lily Proctor and her boyfriend Johnny inherit the building from her late elusive Uncle, his will makes specific mention not to try and go into rooms that are locked. What neither of them realise is that a lost, sinister enchantress lies behind those doors trying to escape through the many mirrors within the house, and even more horrifying are the dark entities that she is fleeing from on the other side; the silent and otherworldly Necromancers.

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