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The team has been described as

"Remarkable, Unique &

Outstanding!" as well as some "of the world's most innovative and

talented contemporary filmmakers!"

– London Film Awards

About The Filmmakers

DAVID HASTINGS (Head Writer/Producer/Director 'The Vampyre)

David formed Lightbeam Productions in 2007 after studying Film theory & production at Manchester Met University. David has fully immersed himself in filmmaking from an early age. He has written, produced & directed a range of differing films over a variety of genre and in 2015, his short ‘Halloween Night Terror’, won the best film award at the Phoenix ComicCon Film Festival in the US. As well as having his work screened to great critical acclaim around the globe, he was also a producer/director and head writer on the AWARD WINNING Checking In, which received worldwide praise/acclaim and is still on a successful run in festivals worldwide. Dave grew up on Horror films as a child (especially Hammer Horror), which left a permanent mark on his life and made him want to make his own films. When he isn’t filming, Dave lectures in film theory at a nearby college. 



TROY DENNISON (Writer/Director 'The Lady In Grey)

Troy is an artist, writer, actor and X-Box junkie! He is the creator of Tales From The Lounge and the Dragon Days web-comic while his independent film work includes the movies The Clown, Last Time She Lived and Furor.
Troy was born and grew up in Staffordshire. His interest in films grew from an early age, influenced by seeing Star Wars: A New Hope when he was nine and from the stories his Great-Uncle would tell him about classic monster movies like King Kong and Dracula. Troy has a background in art and theatre and trained as a Make-up artist, as well as being skilled in photography, costume design and directing!
He was also a writer/director on the AWARD WINNING film Checking In.



REBECCA HARRIS-SMITH (Director 'The Witch In The Mirror)

Rebecca is a lecturer in media and has just started up Flirty Bird productions, so that she can explore film and TV production further. Bursting with creative ideas and practical skills, Rebecca has been at the heart of some of the team's most elaborate planning points, helping the shooting days run smoothly in the process! She is an award winning filmmaker who worked on Checking In, co-directing and producing the feature anthology.



MARK LEES (Writer 'The Witch In The Mirror)
Mark is a successful writer and dabbles heavily in Gothic Horror stories, making him an ideal candidate to help shape House of Screaming Death's
second story 'The Witch In The Mirror'. When he isn't writing, he is a media tutor and spends time with his family, while also watching as many films as he can!
ALEX BOURNE (Writer/Director 'The Diabolique')
Alex is a keen  and masterful FX artist as well as a writer/director, and has just completed work on his latest short 'Behind These Eyes', which is being entered into the festival unit. He is a massive horror fan, and has also worked on other independent film projects, including the upcoming feature film 'Banjo'.
KAUSH PATEL (Head Producer/Director 'The Architect)
Kaushy Patel is a producer/director based in the West Midlands. He has produced a diverse portfolio ranging from public information films, documentaries, music videos all the way to drama. Successes include a high-impact documentary on disability "Dis Life" which was broadcast on ITV and the pognant "Disabled And Living In Walsall" which won Best Promotional Programme at the Royal Television Society Awards. He is now focusing on feature films and promioting film in the Midlands and was one of the main producers/directors on the AWARD WINNING critially acclaimed feature anthology Checking In.
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